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To qualify to fly under BasicMed rule, Federal law requires a physician to complete a medical evaluation.  Our doctor will conduct the medical exam required by law to verify you are healthy to fly.

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FAA BasicMed Exams For Private Pilots

Our goal is to assist you in obtaining your FAA BasicMed Exam.  We provide you with a professional and confidential medical environment to complete your FAA BasicMed Exam.   

General aviation pilots can now prepare to fly under BasicMed without holding a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certificate if they meet certain requirements. It offers pilots an alternative to the FAA’s medical qualification process for third class medical certificates, while keeping general aviation pilots safe and flying affordably.

How do I fly under the BasicMed rule?

Step 1: Verify you qualify for a BasicMed Exam at


Step 2: Print and Complete Section 2: Individual Information of the FAA BasicMed Comprehensive Medical Examination Checklist prior to your examination.


Step 3: Bring the following items to your appointment.

  1. Completed FAA BasicMed Medical Examination Checklist.

  2. A current valid driver’s license.

  3. If you wear eyeglasses or hearing aid(s), you must bring them with you to the exam.

  4. If you have a special issuance for a medical condition, please bring it to your appointment.


Step 4:  Take the AOPA Online Medical Education Course


Step 5: Print the certificate of completion following the course and keep it in your logbook, along with the completed Medical Examination.

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